SOS: How to save a wet phone

SOS: How to save a wet phone

Is it impossible to save a wet phone? If what you have in your hands is a Samsung Galaxy S5, a HTC Desire Eye or a Sony Xperia Z, no. Basically, because they’re submersible. But the large majory are not, how can we save them? Probably the million dollar question is how many users in a moment of forgetfulness have seen their Smartphone be everything, but aquatic.

Because of that, today we want to offer a simple recommendations to not panic and know what to do if we want to save a wet phone.

In first place,  we have to react immediately and take the phone out of the pool, sink, or puddle that was created when a drink fell.

The second step to save the wet phone is wrap the devicein paper towels and extract the SIM and battery  and clean them thoroughly. Specially, above all, do not try to start it again as you can make a short-circuit and that will be their true ending.

We’re, but saddened to tell you that miracles do not exist and that this small gestures are not enough to save a wet phone. Because of this, the best option is to introduce the smartphone in a bowl with raw rice, which will adsorb all humidity that has invaded the terminal. There it will have to rest at the very least a whole night, to finish the digital reanimation. The rest is basically pure (good) luck.

Tabaré Bacardit