Everything you need to know about Parse closing

Everything you need to know about Parse closing

Just a few days ago, Facebook dropped the bomb. They’ll close Parse next 28/1/2017.

Mark Zuckerberg’s company acquiered about three years ago the business specialized in the mobile app development with it’s own cloud platform and one more than attractive service. For example, the push notifications or the detailed data analytic.

But because all of their efforts are centered in the development of mobile applications for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Javascript now they have expiration date. The new monster of the social networks, the paragon of Palo Alto, has surrendered, closing Parse.

Now the company centers their efforts in channeling the transition that will make all of their clients go insane. Because of this, from the announcement of Parse’s closing they have continued with a post explaining how to undertake the database migration from the application towards any MongoDB database.

As Kevin Lacker, co-founder of Parse, explained the company liberated their code (Parse Server) that will allow us to put most of Parse’s API to their own Node.js server. Once there, the company promises to maintain the application in execution without large changes.

In short, Parse’s closing has taken most with their pants down. And because of that, a guide has been made to explain the migration in detail. But further than the information that the business can facilitate, from Infinity Source we search the best alternative so that our clients will sleep well and without any worries.

Tabaré Bacardit