Free apps

Free apps

How many times have you thought: “I wish I could try applications as free apps and then, if it’s necessary, pay for them“. Many, right? From now on, if you have in your hands is a smartphone with Android you’re in luck, because Google has heard your prayers.

Tthe giant with HQ in California has adapted a kind of advertisement that searches to go further than just selling: it searchers to make loyal clientele. How? Basically the initiative is known by all and now it searches it’s place in between the free apps. And is that the multinational has launched Trial Run Ads,  service with which users can try (at the moment) games for 60 seconds without making them pay. This time is enough for the user to make himself an idea of the service and after the checking, he can decide between getting it or not.

For this simple idea not only they allow us to test before buying, instead it allows to the advertisers to hit the nail in the head with their clientele. This means, they can reach to their clients interested in that Android application, who has already tested the app and won’t delete it so easily.

But also it offers a new advertisement format, which presents free applications, the giantic north-american international has developed another kind of interactive advertisement based on HTML5, which allowed the announcers to be more creative without needing to follow templates.

It will all be about attracting and conservation of each click.

Carlos Salgado